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Welcome to Connecting Apps

Connecting Apps is a software and  app development company.  If you need an expert in .NET software development, you can hire Daan Acohen who is our founder. Feel free to contact us via our contact form. This is why you should hire Connecting Apps:

  • We make both our own products and deliver services. This is why our level of expertise is so high. We constantly develop new products, learn from that and use that expertise for customer-side projects. The other way around is also the case: using the experience from customer-side projects to make better products. We are growing better and better by connecting and combining expertise. Connecting apps is more than a software development company. Connecting apps connects.
  • We are true specialists. We use .NET for everything. This can be an ASP.NET backend, a Xamarin Mobile app or a traditional WinForms application.  This not just because we believe in it but also to ensure a high quality of our work by creating new experience with .NET all the time.
  • Daan has been working in various industries such finance, engineering and science. Daan has an educational background in the pharmaceutical field and a professional background as a software engineer. In this way Daan gained the ability to understand both the bussiness needs and the skills required for a software solution.