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More2Say is a brand new app to create tweets longer than 140 characters. No reason to use strange solutions such as splitting tweets. Just type your tweet and More2Say creates a picture for you with your tweet content. Download here.


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Mobile App Development

Connecting Apps develops mobile apps. We do this for our customers based on their user requirements and we also develop also our own apps. Founder Daan Acohen has been working in the field of software engineering for many years in several roles that vary from software consultant to senior software engineer. Daan has a proven track record when it comes to the development of mobile apps. During the development of Close2Buy, Daan took full responsibility for the architecture, the implementation, the front end, the backend, product management, gaining user feedback and even the trademark. Close2Buy is currently only available for Android but it has been developed with Xamarin, a multi platform technology. Feel free to contact us if you need his expertise or watch Daan’s linkedin profile for detailed information.

Daan just made a brand new app: More2Say.

Welcome to Connecting Apps

Connecting Apps is a software and  app development company.  If you need an expert in .NET software development, you can hire Daan Acohen who is our founder. Feel free to contact us via our contact form. This is why you should hire Connecting Apps:

  • We make both our own products and deliver services. This is why our level of expertise is so high. We constantly develop new products, learn from that and use that expertise for customer-side projects. The other way around is also the case: using the experience from customer-side projects to make better products. We are growing better and better by connecting and combining expertise. Connecting apps is more than a software development company. Connecting apps connects.
  • We are true specialists. We use .NET for everything. This can be an ASP.NET backend, a Xamarin Mobile app or a traditional WinForms application.  This not just because we believe in it but also to ensure a high quality of our work by creating new experience with .NET all the time.
  • Daan has been working in various industries such finance, engineering and science. Daan has an educational background in the pharmaceutical field and a professional background as a software engineer. In this way Daan gained the ability to understand both the bussiness needs and the skills required for a software solution.


Web Backend Development

Connecting Apps develops web backends. Our founder, Daan Acohen is an expert in the field of backend development. Daan took full responsibility for the development of our app Close2Buy, including the backend which is running in the Microsoft Cloud: Azure. Before Daan founded Connecting Apps, he also developed backends for web environments. Daan gained a proven track record in using C#, SQL Server, REST API’s,  LINQPad, Entity Framework, CRUD Operations, Dependency Injection, SQL Server and Azure SQL databases. Daan has a passion for the C# language, SOLID principles and design patterns. Feel free to contact us if you need his expertise or watch Daan’s linkedin profile for detailed information.


Close2Buy is the new way to sell products, services and even a place to live. Close2Buy is an alternative for advertisment sites. Advertisements sites are outdated. Here are the main disadvantages of advertisement sites:

  • Advertising is expensive. Large enterprises try to make a lot of money by letting people pay for just placing an advertisement on their website. They also want to let you pay extra money if your advertisement needs to be presented for a long while.
  • Advertising is time-consuming. You need to create an account by filling in a form. You need to make sure you have a strong password as well.
  • Advertising harms privacy. People and organisations who are not interested in your product and service can easily see your advertisement.
  • Advertising has an unfair financial risk. Even if no one is interested, people pay for advertising.
  • Advertising is outdated. Computer software that can find someone in your environment who is interested in your product or service does exist. Advertisement sites do not use this software. They use a technique that was invented in the 19th centure: advertising.

Connecting apps uses this modern software and we developed this software ourselves. Here are the main advantages of Close2Buy:

  • Close2Buy can be downloaded for free.
  • Close2Buy is cheap. No advertisment costs are charged.
  • Close2Buy is easy to use. No accounts, no login data. Just select the product or service you need and some details (like your place and for a service also your availability).
  • Close2Buy is modern. Special software searches for you and notifies you if there is someone in your neighborhood who can help you.
  • Close2Buy is fair. We do not charge you if we do not find someone who is interested in your search request.

Feel free to download Close2Buy for free over here.

Technical Software Development

Connecting Apps develops technical software. Our founder, Daan Acohen has a strong background in technical software development. This varies from simulation software with MATLAB and Simulink to front end experiment configuration with C# and WinForms. Daan worked in the field of automative industry for several years where he worked directly with automotive engineers and gained experience with vehicle to vehicle communication. In addition, Daan worked in the field of laboratory information where he gained experience with RS232 Communication. Feel free to contact us if you need his expertise or watch Daan’s linkedin profile for detailed information.

Scientific Software Development

Connecting Apps develops scientific software. Our founder, Daan Acohen, has exactly the right background for this. After gaining a master degree at Leiden University and contributing to a publication about scientific software Daan worked on, Daan started his career as a researcher at the VU University in Amsterdam. After that, Daan has been working as a software engineer for many years.  Feel free to contact us if you need his expertise or check Daans linkedin profile for detailed information.