Close2Buy is the new way to sell products, services and even a place to live. Close2Buy is an alternative for advertisment sites. Advertisements sites are outdated. Here are the main disadvantages of advertisement sites:

  • Advertising is expensive. Large enterprises try to make a lot of money by letting people pay for just placing an advertisement on their website. They also want to let you pay extra money if your advertisement needs to be presented for a long while.
  • Advertising is time-consuming. You need to create an account by filling in a form. You need to make sure you have a strong password as well.
  • Advertising harms privacy. People and organisations who are not interested in your product and service can easily see your advertisement.
  • Advertising has an unfair financial risk. Even if no one is interested, people pay for advertising.
  • Advertising is outdated. Computer software that can find someone in your environment who is interested in your product or service does exist. Advertisement sites do not use this software. They use a technique that was invented in the 19th centure: advertising.

Connecting apps uses this modern software and we developed this software ourselves. Here are the main advantages of Close2Buy:

  • Close2Buy can be downloaded for free.
  • Close2Buy is cheap. No advertisment costs are charged.
  • Close2Buy is easy to use. No accounts, no login data. Just select the product or service you need and some details (like your place and for a service also your availability).
  • Close2Buy is modern. Special software searches for you and notifies you if there is someone in your neighborhood who can help you.
  • Close2Buy is fair. We do not charge you if we do not find someone who is interested in your search request.

Feel free to download Close2Buy for free over here.